life styles of the rich and famous
2002-11-26 20:30:20 (UTC)

not fair

its not even fair not fair at all... i've given him
all my love, all the love i can give .. and what do i
get.."i'm not sure who i love more." god damn it... i sat
there crying in science cause i wanted him... everyone
felt soo bad for me.. i don't want people to feel bad for
me all i want is mike.. ::sigh:: ...

in study hall me and kevin where fighting about if
you have your money in your wallet and your wallets in
your pocket is your money considered in your pocket? i
said it was he said it wasn't.. and joe was like if a
person is on a boat then is the person considered in the
water.. and i was like no.. so i got proven wrong but i
still say its in your pocket...hmmm..

lunch was boring i sat with this girl who was all
alone cause i felt bad. we were talking and shes kinda
strage but its all good. i had to be nice thats just how i
am i can't randomly be mean... if you get my drift.. i'm
just not a mean person.. i'm nice to almost everyone...
but yea i asked her what she was interested and she said
she didn't know... so i was like what do you do after
school and shes said " play with my cat" lol i could have
miss enterpreted that and it would have been like playing
with my pussy lol... then i asked who her bestfriend was
and she said she had no friends i felt swoo bad so i
said " i'll be your friend" her face lit up like a kid
seeing dinsneyland for the first time it was soo amazing
how i could make someones day so easily and i felt so
proud of myself ..till she asked... " do you have a
boyfriend" i started to cry and said i have to go it was
soo awful i felt so bad but i didn't want to sit there

i just remembered i have my art class tonigh.. i'm
not sure if thats good or bad.. i mean its fun and all but
like.. i don't get to talk to mike... its sad how my whole
life bases around him... ::sigh:: its supose to snow
tonight hopefully tomrow well have no school

last night rick finally figured out my blushing
secret that liek only he knows.. lol its pretty funny then
he did it like 50 times lol i was soo red it wasn't
funny... my tummy itches.... ::itch itch::

i just broke carls heart
Comicrenakai: .... i ..i ..want to be with mike...
Darkside269: sigh....o...k.... ....
i'll go now..