*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-11-26 19:20:34 (UTC)

TODAY IS..........

MY BIRTHDAY Today is and it kicks ass Although all
my family is sick, so we can't really go anywhere or do
anything But who cares Today is still important because
it's my birthday It's my party and I'll cry if I want
to..cry if I want to You would do it if it happened to
yoooouuu WOO HOO
Oh guess what? LoL. I watched The Rocky Horror Picture
Show last night It was so cheesy, but it was so funny.
Later, my dad and mom told me that they used to show it in
theaters and that real people would act out the scences
while they played the movie behind them on a big movie
screen. My dad told me he's seen it probably 50 times
because they used to show it every Saturday at midnight and
he'd take a big bag of stuff. He'd take toast and when they
say "A toast" in the movie, everyone would throw it. And
when Eddy rides a motorcycle in the movie, a guy would ride
a motorcycle up the aisle. Ummmm, what else? Oh When the
Transylvanians use the noise makers everyone in the
audience would use the ones they brought too. And a lot of
people dressed up and stuff. Oh yeah Whenever they said
Janet (she's the main female character)in the movie
everyone would shout "damnit Janet" And everyone would
sing along and do the Time Warp. "It's just a jump to the
left..and a step to the riiiiiiight. Put your hands on your
hips, it makes you feel alriight. Put it's the pelvic
thrrrrrust that really drives insaaaaaane." Hahahahaha It
just soundsso fun I wish they still did it in theaters
OMG How cool would it be if I took all my friends to that
for my birthday? That would kick ass. Too bad they don't
show The Rocky Horror Picture Show in theaters. I would be
there EVERY Saturday Hey...maybe I'll re-create it at my
house. Like minus acting it out, but we can like throw
toast and stuff. LoL. I think I'll ask my mom first...she'd
be pissed if I didn't. Hahahaha.