The Big Change( working title)
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2001-08-22 04:16:23 (UTC)

It all started with Good-bye

Well, the move is actually going pretty smooth. There have
been a few snags, but nothing too overwhelming.

I ran into Mr Right-Now by chance, but not really, at a gas
station yesterday. We were very open with our feelings, we
knew this was going to be forever. We spoke of past,
present, and future. I also spoke, that outside the
Disneyesque atmosphere of my apartment, that in the Reality
Rhelm we would never be together. Alot of things that have
been needing to be said, now have been. At the wind down
he looked at me with love in his eyes, love for a good
friend, and told me "Have a nice life, you deserve the
best" And at the final moment as I had walked away i
nearly struted in a new found confidence.

I then got in the car and began to cry.

This is it. It is now the begining of the end. The good-
byes have offically started.

I hope I have the strength. My next test will be Mr Right.

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