Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-08-22 04:03:44 (UTC)

involuntary hermit

haven't been myself lately... don't like tv anymore... miss
school (NO!!!) don't want to write here... it's too um...
me. i miss people... people suck... i need them... what to
do, what to do? what the hell am i to do? I don't like
it... NO!!!!!!!!!!! what? nevermind.

I know that if i write this, i'll remember what it means,
or that it DOESN'T MEAN A DAMN THING AT ALL!!! if it
doesn't, becuase i have a memory that works like a mouse...
wait no, i got distracted: i have a memory that works on

I miss my primary school. janna said, "can you even
remember anything about it?" HELL YEAH! i listed off
everthing i remembered about it, which is quite a lot
considering i only went there for kindergarten and 3 months
of first grade. but i wish that i was still a
kindergartener cuz it was really fun back then. I actually
thought that i was friends with EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my
class... EVERYBODY liked me. it wasn't true, but i felt
that way. Perkins School, West Maple Ave, Newark, NY...
the best damn preschool i ever went to kindergarten at!
(um... i know it's the only)

I hate tv... have for a long time... it's like my dad was
with cigarettes.... it's an ADDICTION. I hate it. Shoot
me. movies don't count... especially foriegn ones with sub-
titles... those are the best.

Well you know what? I am sick of everyone bothering me all
the time... LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! okay, that's what i would
say if i had a million friends and people REPLYED to this
damn thing... but i don't, so i guess i don't have to worry
about running away to become a hermit because i am an
involuntary one. hey~ i think that's what i'll call this

~caroline j.

i miss dustin. he's never on-line. when he was he barely
talked to me. i really miss him. where could he be?