The land of unknown
2001-08-22 03:59:34 (UTC)


WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! it's been a while sinse i got to talk to
Kitty online. and i finally got the chance. actually, i
stayed up almost a full hour more then i was supposed
to, just to talk to her. and it was all worth it! i had a lot of
fun talking with her. we had a long and some what
strange discussion on different things. i am pokandtik.
they are my comic characters, but any who,

PokAndTik: hello
NeoSailrJupiter: Konnichiwa
PokAndTik: so, what u up to?
NeoSailrJupiter: well, im writting a story, you
PokAndTik: listening to music
PokAndTik: woohoo
PokAndTik: artimis is back!
NeoSailrJupiter: how riveting!!
NeoSailrJupiter: hes been back!
PokAndTik: he has?
PokAndTik: but he just showed up
NeoSailrJupiter: yea hes been there forever
NeoSailrJupiter: ok then
NeoSailrJupiter: you on late Tom-kun
NeoSailrJupiter: i need to get you a Jap. name
NeoSailrJupiter: tom just dosent work
PokAndTik: it's 10:48
NeoSailrJupiter: is that not late for you
PokAndTik: yea, it is
NeoSailrJupiter: i know
PokAndTik: is this supposed to be early for u?
NeoSailrJupiter: well ive been feeling good lately
PokAndTik: so then u don't get online?
NeoSailrJupiter: ?
PokAndTik: get on earlier to talk to me
PokAndTik: this is a little late
NeoSailrJupiter: im sorry
PokAndTik: it's ok
PokAndTik: i'll live
PokAndTik: so who's this 17 dude?
NeoSailrJupiter: ooooh
NeoSailrJupiter: 17-kun
PokAndTik: yea, him
NeoSailrJupiter: hes really sweet but i havent seen him
in a while
PokAndTik: i see
NeoSailrJupiter: he nice to talk to
PokAndTik: so am i
NeoSailrJupiter: we both know enough Japaneis to talk
to each other its fun!
NeoSailrJupiter: of course!!
PokAndTik: bilingual, i see
NeoSailrJupiter: Your always more fun to talk to!!! ^_^
PokAndTik: thank u
PokAndTik: u'r a ton of fun too!!
NeoSailrJupiter: yay!!!! ^_^
NeoSailrJupiter: ive done alot of smilling lately!!!!
PokAndTik: that's good
NeoSailrJupiter: i dont like the bold letters
PokAndTik: too thick
PokAndTik: did i tell u how beautiful u look today?
NeoSailrJupiter: no not yet
PokAndTik: u look beautiful today
NeoSailrJupiter: but how did you know i was in my
favorite out fit!!
PokAndTik: but u always look beautiful
PokAndTik: ^__^
NeoSailrJupiter: (smiley) (embarassed)= me
PokAndTik: hehe
NeoSailrJupiter: Purrow!
NeoSailrJupiter: *stupid anime face
PokAndTik: haha
NeoSailrJupiter: i feel so...
NeoSailrJupiter: alive!
PokAndTik: that's good
NeoSailrJupiter: despite my dead appearance
PokAndTik: but u always look so alive too
NeoSailrJupiter: i went to scare the freshmen today but
i was in to much of a good mood
PokAndTik: too bad
NeoSailrJupiter: i know!!!
NeoSailrJupiter: gurrr
NeoSailrJupiter: oh well
PokAndTik: wait, freshmen?
NeoSailrJupiter: i feel good
NeoSailrJupiter: yea today was freshmen oriantation
PokAndTik: oh yea
PokAndTik: i forgot
NeoSailrJupiter: well its o-tay!!
PokAndTik: nifty!
NeoSailrJupiter: you never going to...
PokAndTik: are u going to expand on that thought?
NeoSailrJupiter: i was reading your diary
PokAndTik: oh, and what was that about?
NeoSailrJupiter: at the verry end. what you wrote
NeoSailrJupiter: you didnt get it
PokAndTik: i forget
PokAndTik: oh yea
NeoSailrJupiter: im just telling you no one ever gets it
NeoSailrJupiter: but....
NeoSailrJupiter: "Life Gose On!"
PokAndTik: goes*
NeoSailrJupiter: *unfortunatly
NeoSailrJupiter: oh so kill me
PokAndTik: nah, i wont do that
NeoSailrJupiter: (tounge) (mad)=me
PokAndTik: (joe cool)
NeoSailrJupiter: oh well ill have to do it my self
PokAndTik: no!
NeoSailrJupiter: i just posted part 4 on my diary
PokAndTik: it's about time
NeoSailrJupiter: i wont dont worry
PokAndTik: ok
NeoSailrJupiter: it took me awhile
PokAndTik: must have
NeoSailrJupiter: i kept rewritting it
NeoSailrJupiter: oh ha ha
PokAndTik: why'd u keep rewriting it?
NeoSailrJupiter: i wasnt happy with the ending
NeoSailrJupiter: so i finally came out with this one
PokAndTik: ah, endings
PokAndTik: that's spelled front
PokAndTik: apartment
NeoSailrJupiter: gurrr
PokAndTik: hehe
NeoSailrJupiter: leave my spelling alone!!
PokAndTik: oh, if u insist
NeoSailrJupiter: i do!
PokAndTik: okie dokie
PokAndTik: u sure did write a lot
NeoSailrJupiter: humph
NeoSailrJupiter: yep
NeoSailrJupiter: longest one
PokAndTik: real long
NeoSailrJupiter: (big smiley)
PokAndTik: so who is the new partner based on?
NeoSailrJupiter: my dreams
PokAndTik: some one u saw in a dream?
NeoSailrJupiter: no
NeoSailrJupiter: his looks are based on Tamahome
NeoSailrJupiter: his attitude Trunks/Duo
PokAndTik: oh, i see, now i get it
NeoSailrJupiter: and his body
NeoSailrJupiter: Chichiri
NeoSailrJupiter: sigh!!!!
NeoSailrJupiter: and my fashion sence
PokAndTik: (big smiley)
PokAndTik: nifty
NeoSailrJupiter: he's the purfect guy
NeoSailrJupiter: and hes evil too!
PokAndTik: COOL!!!
NeoSailrJupiter: i thought so
PokAndTik: so, any new replacement love interests?
NeoSailrJupiter: ?
PokAndTik: any one u like?
NeoSailrJupiter: I love my cat
PokAndTik: that's not what i meant
NeoSailrJupiter: no im going to live like a hurmit!!!
NeoSailrJupiter: im not a people purson
PokAndTik: yes u are, u know u are
NeoSailrJupiter: they frighten me
PokAndTik: all people?
NeoSailrJupiter: i mean like normal people
PokAndTik: oh
PokAndTik: can't blame ya
NeoSailrJupiter: and even some strang ones
PokAndTik: really?
NeoSailrJupiter: yea
NeoSailrJupiter: its just an angsity i have
NeoSailrJupiter: sorta a phobea
PokAndTik: i see. so, u'r basically saying u have no love
interest at this time?
NeoSailrJupiter: nope!!
NeoSailrJupiter: not for along time
PokAndTik: what do u mean not for a long time?
NeoSailrJupiter: exsacticaly what i said
NeoSailrJupiter: im going to live like a hurmit
NeoSailrJupiter: no love for lisa
NeoSailrJupiter: or kitty
PokAndTik: why?
NeoSailrJupiter: because tom!
NeoSailrJupiter: i dont really need to share that
NeoSailrJupiter: ok
NeoSailrJupiter: its a bit sore
PokAndTik: fine
NeoSailrJupiter: ...
NeoSailrJupiter: gomen
NeoSailrJupiter: i didnt mean to get angry
NeoSailrJupiter: ano
PokAndTik: i'm sorry for digging into hurtful areas
NeoSailrJupiter: its ok
NeoSailrJupiter: ill live
PokAndTik: no love for lisa or kitty, but yet u flirt with
mister 17..... interesting
NeoSailrJupiter: pok has a potty mouth
PokAndTik: potty mouth?
NeoSailrJupiter: flirtting and love are two different
NeoSailrJupiter: yea
NeoSailrJupiter: hes got potty mouth
PokAndTik: what do u mean, potty mouth?
NeoSailrJupiter: i read your info
PokAndTik: oh, i get it
PokAndTik: fucking bastards!
NeoSailrJupiter: yeaaaaa!
PokAndTik: soooooooooooo..........
PokAndTik: blah blah blah
NeoSailrJupiter: oooh kay
NeoSailrJupiter: your strang!
PokAndTik: (big smiley)
PokAndTik: i know
NeoSailrJupiter: thats a big grin
PokAndTik: (Bigger smiley)
NeoSailrJupiter: okay frightening
PokAndTik: hehe
NeoSailrJupiter: ...
PokAndTik: ...
PokAndTik: ....
PokAndTik: ..
PokAndTik: ...
PokAndTik: .......
NeoSailrJupiter: are you quite done
PokAndTik: i don't know
NeoSailrJupiter: well figur it out
NeoSailrJupiter: silly
PokAndTik: i should have been in bed, u know, a half
hour ago
NeoSailrJupiter: gomen
NeoSailrJupiter: *lowering head*
NeoSailrJupiter: *in shame*
PokAndTik: gomen?
PokAndTik: ehh?
NeoSailrJupiter: it means sorry
NeoSailrJupiter: in Japaneis
PokAndTik: Japanese
NeoSailrJupiter: fine
NeoSailrJupiter: *Japanese
PokAndTik: what were u appologizing for?
NeoSailrJupiter: you should have been in bed...
NeoSailrJupiter: *sniff*
PokAndTik: so, i'm up talking to u
NeoSailrJupiter: arigato
NeoSailrJupiter: ^_^
PokAndTik: that's like a compliment
NeoSailrJupiter: that means thank you
PokAndTik: oh, u'r welcome
NeoSailrJupiter: well i'll half to go now tom
PokAndTik: what?!?!?!
NeoSailrJupiter: im being kicked off again
PokAndTik: nooooooo!
NeoSailrJupiter: i know
PokAndTik: well, talk to u tomorrow
NeoSailrJupiter: but its the only line we have and im
always on
NeoSailrJupiter: sure thing!!!
PokAndTik: i never see u on
NeoSailrJupiter: well stay on longer
NeoSailrJupiter: gotta go..
PokAndTik: ok, bye
NeoSailrJupiter: Ja'ne
PokAndTik: bye, right?
PokAndTik: are u leaving or are u going to say
PokAndTik: hello?
PokAndTik: Kitty??
PokAndTik: hellooooo......
PokAndTik: ahhhh!
PokAndTik: say something!
PokAndTik: what are u doing?
PokAndTik: HELLO?!?!
PokAndTik: ........
PokAndTik: i'll leave then
PokAndTik: bye

she was still on, but not saying anything and wasn't
leaving. hmm. oh well. it was still tons of fun!