a day in the mind of a drama queen
2001-08-22 03:40:08 (UTC)

im am totally confused

im confused. ive been talking to one of my friends today
online, and she called me 3 words u just dont say to ur
friend, ya no. i just saw her online now and she called me
a dumbass. what the hell is that? i mean i no inside she
must be joking, because what kind of idiot would seriously
call a good friend a dumbass? all i no is that i'd never
in my life call her that. i dont no, it just got me mad,
thats all. i no we cant really talk to eachother nemore.
sometimes she reaches out to me and i let it by. sometimes
i reach out to her and she lets it by. its strange that
all of this is happening rite b4 school starts and i wont
beable to see her a lot. i want to talk to her, from what
my other friends say, shes really troubled now. i guess
the reasons for her depression will never be shared with
me. its her choice tho... if she doesnt want to tell me,
fine. then... ahhh. she sent this email to devon saying
that i was dissing him and shit and that she had to defend
him. this morning when devon called cadence she was
playing the areosmith song "i dont wanna miss a thing" and
he old her how much he loved that song. she asked why
(knowing that it was the one me and devon had our 1st dance
to) and he sed...
thats when i had my 1st dance
with who?
justine, its just special, thats all.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! i was soo happy when she
called me to tell me that. that will always be our song.
i have a song with devon! that makes me feel soo special.
but then when kathleen told him that i was dissing him and
making fun of him... what the hell? that ruins
everything. and i didn say nething to her. i just kept on
pushing for her saying "oh yeah devon will answer back".
then she calls me all these shitty names, when i didnt do
nething, NOT ONE THING! what a friend...