ton o galaxy
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2002-11-26 17:04:20 (UTC)

countdown to mommy

tomorrow is the day, I have a hell of alot of cleaning to
do. My kitchen looks like a lot of wild bachelors were let
loose to roam the terrain. With beers. I always seem to
let everything go to till the last minute.I guess i just
work better when there is a real reason to work. Words
like "oh shit" being the only reason that really warms my

Kitty wants to sleep on the keyboard. No kitty.

So i had the big gigantic photo shoot which really turned
out to be no big deal. I made it into something hard when
really all i had to do was style a girls hair and do her
makeup. Monkey business. It made me think what would ther
really hard stuff be like. Working in new york? Ahhh who
cares.. if i ever get there. I like my life here too much.
Kitty waking me up in the morning, the water, alll off my
friends, my dsl. I'm happy being a small fish in a small
lake and the fuck the pond.

love two responses in two days pretty good

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