The Diary of Me
2002-11-26 16:55:14 (UTC)

hmmmmmm, cooooold

i'm cold. i hate winter cuz it's cold and i hate summer
cuz it's never nice weather. Brrrrrr, coooooold I've
decided i'm going to write in my diary kinda like it's a
Hi Diary (lol)
How r u? (lol) I hate katie she's a right cow, and you
alredy no why. i kinda fell out wit Jenny for about a min
cuz i was messin around and hid her coat and bag and she
grassed on me so the teacher wuz havin a go at me so i
decided i weren't gonna wait 4 a lift of her mum and
started walkin home but she sed sorry blh blh blah and i
sed alrite woteva blah blah... it well annoyed me tho.
GRRRR And she told Leah and Dom how i burnt myself, and i
wuz well embrassed, cuz it wus stupid really, i wuz ceckin
2 c if the soup in my flask was cool and it came out
different way and burnt all my chin, she's bin takin the
mick ALL day
GRRRRR i really hate my skool, i wanna switch but then
i'd start wid no m8s and feel like a loner and get proper
embarassed cuz i hav a low self esteem and shit. Did i
tell you i have a rabbit? Well, i do and it's called
Splodge. It's well cute and i have a hamster called benny
and a fish called Sunny. Benny is an evil hamster that
loves biting. Grrr The fish is wicked tho, lol. It s
acool fish cuz it follows you around the fish bowl. Anway,
i'm trying to be on a diet but me and jenny had an icecream
outside skool and i hd a time out so i ain't doin very
well, i had slim-a-soup or whatever that is. My mates
think i'm stupid for going on a diet but i want to look
good cuz i hate me. Jenny's having her belly dun 2moz, i'd
be well freaked out, i dint like having my ears pierced
neva mind my belly. i wanna hav it dun but i ain't allowed
and i will chicken out. Libby pennel this girl at my skool
is so weird. She kinda popular and everythin and bonny but
if sum1 gives her a compliment she goes on about it for
ages and starts boastin bout lads she's got into and hung
around wit and what she did last nite that wus so cool,
blah blah. I'm the only person who notices little thngs in
ppl like that. no one seems to notice that about Libby or
what a silly cow Katie is and stuff. i guess that's cuz
i'm weird, lol. I keep all the letters i get from people
so instead of keeping them all in a folder i'll put them in
this diry. No one betta shut this website down cuz i wanna
keep this diary lol. Well here's a letter jenny wrote
to me today: No wait i'll put all the letters in an entry
of their own
I think i'm a really bad mate, i try to be as good a m8 as
i can but i cant b one cuz i keep losing them all and
stressing them out. I hate myself. Why can't wen i want
thngs to go right they do Ppl are always telling me
to grow up, act my age, stop arguin because they're younger
than you blah blh. I'm sick of it If they don't like
me the way i am then why the hell don't they tell me they
don't like me. Mostly my mm says stuff like that, if she
wants me to change so much then why did she bloody hav me
adn if teachers want me to bloody be a different person why
don't they chuk me out and get a different person to
replace me. IM SICK OF IT Anyway, i keep writing
too much. So i better go.
LUV Alyssa