No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-11-26 16:36:53 (UTC)

not caring

hey Well, all my horoscopes today were so extremely
coincidental. lol. It was crazy. Here is one of them:

Some people are so touchy about the weirdest stuff You
might think your sister's obsession with weight is silly,
but don't go teasing her about it. You might have hang-ups
you don't even know about.

Just yesterday I was calling my sister a fat ass. I told
her I was playing, but I forgot how evreyone in my house is
really touchy about weight. Everyone except me that is. My
sisters are both really pretty, and I just play with them
when I say stuff like that. But, I should stop before they
turn even more anerxic. (or however you spell it)
Anyways, lately I just haven't been caring about too much
of anything. I haven't been caring about school, I have
only been reading one persons diary, I haven't cared to
talk to many people, haven't cared to write everything in
here, and I've been doing things last mintue. That needs to
stop now. I need to start caring again. It's been this way
for 2 or 3 weeks.
But, I'm still going to let whatever happens, happen. That
wont change. It's better when I let go and let things un
ravel on thier own.
I think everything will work out in my favor :) If not,
it'll be cool too.
Well, I'm gunna jet and get some stuff done. Later.


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