Exposing My Dystopia
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2001-08-22 03:08:33 (UTC)

Today... hmmm

today, wuz interesting..? i didnt get to see mike which
makez me really sad, cuz i really like him. even tho i kant
have him now. and by the time we kan be together he prolly
wont want me. o i dyed my hair today. itz like a jade
turquoise kinda color. i wuz gonna take a pic but my camera
iz a pos and it wont work. becca and i went to the mall and
um then we went to mcdonalz and i played in that tube ball
thingy for lil kids. and, well. it wuz interesting. ima go
now cuz im gettin bitched @, but ill write tomorrow. bye
-FaIrY PeT