Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-22 03:05:25 (UTC)

Friends who lost touch...

You know those kids you go to Kingergarden and Pre-school
with, but then they just seem to disappear.. and every once
in awhile you think "Hmm..I wonder what ever happened to
them?" Well.. sometimes.. you can find them at the day
care:) haha
Ok, Let me explain:) There's this girl that I went to
Kingergarden with, and she and I were like... best friends.
We played together all the time! But, soon after 2nd or 3rd
grade.. she moved away, and I never talked to her again.
So..I'm at the day care today, and I am assigned to the
School Age group. This other girl (who is fairly new as
well) is working with me. The kids kept yelling "Erica...
Erica!!" Immediately.. I think of my long lost childhood
friend, her name was also Erica. I look at this girl.. and
I think "Well.. she does look like Erica." But, still, I
wasn't convinced. I was gonna ask her.. but I had somehow
convinced myself that it could'nt be her.. there's no way..
she's gone.
Finally, she and I started talkin, and I ask her what her
last name was.. and.. to my surprise.. It was her!! I was
so surprised and excited at the same time. I told her who I
was.. and after thinkin for a minute.. she goes "Oh my
gosh, you have changed so much!!" We then started talkin
and catchin up on everything.. and it was great. She
informed me that she had graduated down in Tennessee
somewhere and then moved back up here with her grandparents
and her dad. It was sooo ironic... seeing her, after all
these years.
SO.. after talkin for awhile, we decided we would get
together this Friday and do something... i'm excited:) All
I kept thinkin on the way home was "Yay, I made a new
friend!!" (like a big dork of course...hehe). But,
actually.. I didn't really make a NEW friend... we've been
friends... we started out our school days as friends. So,
really... we're like... friends... friends who just lost
touch for awhile:)

Oh, and FYI - things are gettin much better at the day
care.. I'm startin to figure out how things work.. and I'm
also startin to make friends so.. it's gonna be ok:)