random mumblings
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2002-11-26 13:40:57 (UTC)

i learned some gross things...

last night i walked over to my friend becky's
house...about 45 minutes each way...normally i sit on my
ass all day so my legs are killing me this morning.
anyways, she's getting married this summer so we were
talking about wedding stuff, and then she was telling me
how her sister had a baby about a year ago...i'm not very
good with female fluids, infections, etc. so she was
telling me that she CUT HER SISTER'S UMBILICAL CORD?
oh my god that is disgusting i for one am NEVER gonna
get in there and do anything like that when i have
kids...my plan was always to be out in the waiting room
smoking a cigar and hearing "it's a boy" or "it's a girl"

cut the umbilical cord...sickening...all i could picture
was that scene of the tom green movie, where he's in the
room with the umbilical cord... :p

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