2002-11-26 13:25:27 (UTC)

Hey what s up? well not much is..

Hey what's up? well not much is going on here. I am so glad
that we don't have school tommorow I think that i will
sleep. ( my mom won't be here she has to work.) I don't
understand why we have to go to school monday and tuesday,
yesterday we didn't do anything OMG yesterday i went to
school then i went to color guard practice ( which is so
cool ) then i went to our last GIRLS basketball game. I am
still going to go to the boys games. After the game i
called my step dad to come get me and It was jsut me and
one other girl standing outside with about 15 guys. But i
stood next to holdan, chadd, chase, ( they all live up the
road from me. And i go to church with chadd and drew.
Anyways we stood outside for about 10 minutes and it was
freezing THen i went home and went to sleep. Oh yeah i was
going to tell everyone that I am going to be in a christmas
play at Roland if anyone wants to come see it is dec 15th.
Well i really gotta go get ready for school. I will write
alot tommorow (sine there is no school) well write more
tommorow. Lylas or Lylab