MoNa AnD TiTo
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2001-08-22 02:43:03 (UTC)


Hello, Its been such a weird week for me! I have a
wonderful boyfriend and his name is Albert. I love him
dearly. He has been there for me. We have been going out
for about 4 mths now. But I have known him for almost a 1
yr now. This week has been WILD!!~! I slept over his house
on tuesday and we chilled w/e. We ended up going to his
mommas job and chilled there in the pool. Later on we went
to his grandma's house. We had sex there. We slept over.
the next day we had sex as well. We came home and we
were "fooling around" in the car because its an 1 half hour
drive. We got home like about 1:30am and we slept
together :) (we are 16) I woke up rather horny and started
teasing him and ended up making love! We went on for about
an hour and some til his momma woke up. We went back to his
grandmas house and went to the sauna and made love there!
We were sweating so much it was so cool. Basically we had
sex everyday but Saturday. I just got home today and its
Tuesday! Sometimes I am so afraid if I get pregnant but I
love him so much and I know that he won't leave me that I
don't even much care! Im scared of my parents finding out
about us having sex. My mommy told me that it was okay to
have sex with him (she thinks I'ma virgin). I just think
she will take some of my freedom away. She did say I was
going to get on B.C. pills (Birth Control) I don't know b-
cuz I have heard different stories about the B.C. pill. I
have heard that its not safe and acurate. It can also harm
you and the baby. But I have heard its rather safe and
dependable. What do you think? I really love him but I have
to think of myself and my career. Yes, we are rather young,
but we are going to get married as soon as he gets out of
the Military and I start going to law school. Tomorrow I am
going to see him again. It's his mommas day off so I
seriously doubt that we will be getting our freak on. It's
getting late and I need to wake up early b-cuz Albert, his
brother, and his momma, and I are "supposedly" going out.
Well, til next time this has been....

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