Rach's thoughts
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2002-11-26 12:42:51 (UTC)

Bad Bad person

Hey It all went wrong again. I was being good and Faithful
to S until Z turned up on Saturday night when N was out so
I was like totaly allone with a guy that i've never been
able to say no to. So one thing lead to another and I was
bad. Lots.
God why does it all have to go so wrong so quickly. Well
it's not all bad, Z is leaving this weekend and then it'll
all be fine. I just have to make sure that S doesn't find
out, he'd be so crushed. I mean he took it badly enought
that i was thinking about going away for a year. Not even
that i was going just that i was thinking about going. I
mean come on I'm not going to change who i am and wanting
to travel for him. I just think that he thinks that i'll
expect him to wait for me if i'm far away. But I'm not sure
if I would.
Anyhow I have a ton of work that i should be doing.
Love and Light

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