2002-11-26 07:11:25 (UTC)

weekend update

aight so this weekend was aight...

thursday will did not go home. so he stayed the night and
we had bonding time...that was when i wrote my last entry.
that was on thursday night. we stayed up til like 6 or 7 and
he had to leave at 8 and i had class at 9. i didnt go to my
9 and i was passed out when the phone rang. it was off
campus and i just figured that it was cathy's mom or something
but then it was a man's voice. it was will. i asked him where
he was at and he hesitated and says, "i'm at my girl's house."
die? i was shocked like hell and he was like, "i just wanted
to make sure that you were awake since we stayed up so late."
and then he was like, "i'ma try to sneak on the IM and hit u up
later." and that was that. so then that night we went to the
basketball game...reppin as we always do...but we lost...but
its whatever...then we came home, got changed and me liz
and kris went to the kappa house for a party that al had told
me about the night before. so we get there and we are the first
ones there...that has NEVER happened...but we chilled and then
theo brought the drinks out, and damn did we get drunk we was
poundin the shots like soljas the boys were like DAMN it was hot.
so then we were drunk and we danced, and drunk alex was dancing
with me alot, and then dre was all cute and he called me over to him
when he was standing next to FU, yes RON was there. and i
whispered in his ear, "good game...i am still ur #1 cheerleader" and
he was eyeing me up like WHAT so it is no surprise that i got a call
from the basketball men bc ron was trying to "holla at me."

then cheese was there but he was drunk as shit...and then BOOM,
the cops came in and busted our fun as they always do. but they
were serious this time, trying to get people for underage and shit.
so we were OUT and then we came back here and cheese had called
me and left me a message on my room phone telling me to call him and
then marlon called for ron, but i thought that alex was gonna come over so
i didnt bother with anyone...but he didnt come over bc his ex-girl was having
issues as always...but its whatever. i was pissed until will IMed me. he got
on just to say gnite to me and he told me that he wished he was here with
me and not at home...damn all that???

the next day we went to the boys basketball game, and we won this time. then
the girls team won thier championship. then alex got us alcohol so kris and i
were kicking it and then skip came over and he drank too. alex, nappy and cara
came over but they didnt drink...i was drunk...cheese called and wanted me to go
over and i was gonna do it, but then his dumbass passed out...antonio was trying to
wake him up by like smacking him across the face and shit and he would NOT wake

so then alex spent the night...and we had our time if u feel what i am saying...this time
without the interruptions it was nice and i got DT loving three times and we bopped like
whoa...two times and it was very very nice. then he slept over and in the morning it was cool.
he is a real sweet guy. i like him a lot and he likes me to.

so for the most part that was my weekend...

i'm out.