Kenton Cohick

Insolent thoughts
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2002-11-26 07:01:42 (UTC)

Less pain

I've been continuing my workout tirade, and I'm pleased to
report that the pain following the sessions has never
reached the critical level again. The problem with working
out is that I feel I'm justified in eating a lot more food
because of it. Right now I'm eating a whole container of
cottage cheese, and I justify it with the couple hundred
situps I have planned. They cancel each other out, and I
end up losing something in the vicinity of 0 pounds.

Like my comrade Aron, I too would like to someday create
something witty enough to have it posted on
However, unlike Aron, I am so incredibly lazy that I doubt
I will ever get around to writing a masterpiece like that.
One time I was going to write a piece entitled "Ode to a
piece of toast", but I ended up eating the toast while it
was still in its developing stages, and alas, all data was

I seriously think I will go insane one day. My mind has
some serious issues going on upstairs. I think the problem
is that I'm too open-minded. I try to approach every
situation from virtually very angle, picking it apart.
Eventually I've picked it apart and contradicted myself so
many times, I abandon the sitation completely and just
choose the most negative option available. It's still
unclear why I do this, especially since I know what the
problem is.

I seriously dislike my sister. You know how some people are
just random and wacky all the time, and it's funny? These
are the people who run around and say things like "those
bananas have moxie" for no reason whatsoever. They're
usually pretty entertaining though, and they are in a
perpetual drunken stupor. Well my sister is not a funny
person. She looks like a very serious person, and she
always tried to be one. However, she was always very clumsy
and did a lot of stupid things, so we laughed at her a lot.
Ever since she started Junior High School, she's been
trying to take the role of one of the forementioned people.
She acts like she's legally insane, and it doesn't suit her
at all. She pretends to be wacky and random, and still
manages to look stupid doing that. The other day I told her
it was annoying and that she should cut it out, and she
started crying and said that I was mean. I said "but it's
true", and she said it wasn't. I was prepared to ask her
how my opinion wasn't true, seeing as it was an opinion,
but she just ran away acting stupid again.