Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-11-26 06:44:51 (UTC)

guess who

Guess who took there time to read this you did. aint that a
bitch. you know people are fucked up in there heads these
days. you know shit that happens tha can't believe that
somone would do some crazy shit like that. no one really
knows what i am talking about but if you think hard enough
you will. People treat others so rudely and unappricated./
yeahit happens you sit back and you realize all the things
you done. yeah i have a problem right now i think i am
becoming a ALcholy. yay how fun is that yeah right. i guess
everyone just has that one thing that finally pushes them
to the edge man happened about a month ago. i haven't
really discussed the true way i felt about the whole events
of he past month and yet i still can't find my self not
wanting to talk to them. i haven done a pretty good job of
keeping occupied but on sat i fecked up big time i got in
to shit that i don't need to fall back into. Let just say i
don't need to smoke my self retarded. but it felt like i
got away from all the bullshit i have been through the last
month i am on the edge at work i hate it more than life
itself. it drives fucking nuts all the two faced fucking
shit that goes on around there. yeah it doesn't help me at
all that girls are fuckin nuts too. well there is still
some hope in my life i am about to start a music ensemble
at my school i can't wait musicmakes me happy. i haven't
typed in this thing for a while now and iwasnt' 'going to
write in it tonight i just wanted i don't know express my
self. do you ever just sit back and think about the things
that would be differnt in your life if you hadn't change
them. i somtimes wish i could change my life cause i realy
don't have the freinds that can listen to my problems ther
problems are always worse. last weekend i got to talk to an
old freind and i talkedto her about everything. i fet
better for a couple of hours. hey that is better than none
i feel good and school. but the worse is when i come home
and just think and ponder on recent events on how people
act and y they do the fucked up shit that they do i know it
is a rethorical question but why do people like it when
others and down soes it make them feel better to know that
somone has a worse life than them. i once got accused for
drining to much and i didn't. butsince then i guess the
stoy changes. i realize it doesn't matter what i do smoke
pot drink, smoke cigs, drive whatever you do noone well
always be happy with it pople have there faults and you
either live with them or kic them to the side. And all it
takes is oe good kick for me to realize that i can acthow
ever i want and couldcare less about anything else. because
i never did anything to hurt somone out of sheer craziness.
but if one is blind you could never know.