Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-26 06:12:41 (UTC)

The Strokes and other Rock

OK so the rest of my weekend went fairly well. Saturday we
didn't end up taking pictures our photographer's car broke
down and it was good though because I have a splint on my
thumb and matt2 was deathly ill. That night Jon and I went
to a birthday party for my friend Mandy and ended up
staying over in a tent that we put up in my her living room
with 4 other girls. FUN(no funny business happened,
PROMISE) But yeah then I slept most of Sunday and then
that night Jess, Kelly and I all went and saw the Strokes
play. I shall say I got my moneys worth...well thats
because I got in FREE but yeah the Mooney Suzuki were very
entertaining and a little silly at times but i thought
their song writing was too much like The Who and I am not a
Who fan, then Jimmy Fallon played some music and did some
stand up and he was by far the highlight of the night but I
kinda wish he just did more standup and less music because
eventhough i knew they were funny songs i couldn't hear the
words. Then we had to wait an hour or more till The Strokes
played and eventhough they were quite tight thier live
performance was weak. They just stood there, and their lead
singer pissed me off he was so drunk he couldn't hardly
stand much less make a full sentence. Their new songs were
good though. I'd like to hear them recorded. yep, and then
today was sleep , I watched Swordfish, And went to practice
where we learned a cover song and worked on a new song as
well as get our live show more and more polished. This is
the time where I will share with those who care that we
will not be playing anymore shows till mid Feburary after
this show on the 10th. We are taking the time to get our
ducks in a row and to make Pacifico the embodyment of ROCK
N ROLL well, I am gone fore tonight and thats a good thing
because my thumb hurts and it's hard to type without it.