2001-08-22 01:52:36 (UTC)


Today I was thinking about my boyfriend John. I kept
wishing he would come online so I could talk to him. I
really love him alot and hope we can stay together and
meet. When we get older that would be cool if we get
married.I would love him to be my husband and stay with me
the rest of my life.If that ever happens I'd be the
happiest person. My friend keeps asking me if I want him
sexually. I keep telling him no. Okay he finally droped
it.YAY!!!! I hate when my friend Ashley sits on me it gets
me so mad and especially when she hits me behind my
head.GGRRRRRRRRRR just thinking about it gets me mad. My
friends just p***** me off. Now I am not going to talk to
them. Well I'm not going to talk to my friend Ashley.
RRRRRRRRRRRR she gets me so mad. well g2g. Bye.