This is my life... welcome to it
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2002-11-26 05:55:18 (UTC)

The Beginning

Well, I've moved here from FOD, a lot different is for
sure. Anyways, as of now, I'm just a crazed 16 year old
who doesnt know where his life is headed. Everbody says
I'm smart, and I have the potental to do better than I'm
actually doing. I'm just being a slacker I guess you could
say, I didnt do so well in English, probably because my
English teacher is a pain, he gave me a week to read a book
and do a paper that everybody else got 2 weeks total to do,
and they had read the book. Then again, I went to China on
a school exchange. I did ok in the rest of my classes, I'm
glad my Poly Sci teacher is really understanding that I
went to a different country, and so I probably didnt get to
study, but I learned a lot of important things.

A really major change recently in my life is that my best
friend Dylan moved. He used to live down the street, then
his parents got a divorce, and he went with his mom out to
Beverton, it really sucks now though, I mean when I
actually get my license, we can go kick it a buntch, but
ya... Probably hang out with him next week or somethin,
we'll see what happens with my grades.

Whats really weird though, every 2 years I get a gf, just
one, but I always have the interest of one, I just never
make my move because I find she likes someone else or what
not... For awhile I've had my mind set on Kristin, she's
nice, funny, and we've gotten along pretty well, only
problem is we've met online, she lives 1:30 away but we've
never met in real life... I've really liked her a lot, I
know for awhile she liked me, but we kinda lost touch for
awhile, and I dont know what she thinks of me anymore.

Well, thats a quick run down of whats going on in my nutty
life. Whats funny is I havent been really depressed since
I started really talking to Kristin 5 or 6 months ago, but
really thinking about stuff like this is really
depressing. Just have to work it all out, and we'll see
what happens. I'm not sucidal yet, I dont plan on being
either, if it happens, it happens, but I'll know the
difference between sucidal and depression.