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2002-11-26 05:41:46 (UTC)

"youre the one person who knows me best...the only one who understands my craziness..."

she said
i thought you hated me
and i said
i could never hate you
and she smiled
and laughed
to fill the silence
that a gaze across
a table
across a year

holding her hand.
to holding her hair.
and i told her.
i wouldnt.
always be there.

and the stories she told me
the creases on her face
the signs of wisdom.
and paid for.
and i couldnt believe.
she came back.
into my life.

i sat there.
and i listened.
i really dont think
there is anything
more i could have asked for
than what she offered
an apology.
a. confirmation. of. sorts.
which. i never. really. wanted.

ill come visit you every other weekend.
please stay in touch.
and i smiled.
and hugged her.
and told her i loved her.
then she left.
and i really dont think.
i will ever.
see her again.

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