I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-11-26 05:19:05 (UTC)

I put the turd in Saturday

I just liked that title.

Actually, my Saturday was pretty good. My whole weekend
was pretty good. But let's start at the very beginning,
shall we? Yes, lets.

Friday night I got home at 5pm. That is very early for me.
So I took a nap and woke up at 9. I was very bored and
asked my mom if she wanted to go a movie with me. "What
movie?" she asked. I told her that I had been told that I
absolutely NEEDED (thanks to Nikki) to see Bowling for
Columbine. So we did. It was really good. A thinking
movie. And a laughing movie. And a crying movie. I don't
think I'll go through it and tell you more about it here
because it's just something that you have to choose to see

So, anyways, after the movie we went to school to pick up
my brother and my neighbor. They were getting home from a
football game in Jax, about 2 hours away. We picked them
up at 1:30am and decided we were hungry and the 4 of us
went to Denny's. Okay, quick side note: why is the only
damn restaurant open at 2am Denny's? The only thing you
get there is bad food and bad service. We ordered and
exactly one hour and seventeen minutes later our food
actually ARRIVED at our table I mean really people Can
we PLEASE have some other restaurant open all night?
Should have gone to Steak 'N Shake.

That was Friday.

Saturday was this huge event at work. A tasting fair.
Basically it was cramming more people into the store than
the fire dept. allowed and then making them eat lots of
food and then ask a million questions. All of that would
have been fine if the computers hadn't insisted on
crashing. Lovely. On my lunch break I gave blood. I didn't
pass out, but I did get a little nauseus. I got lots of
cool prizes and a cute stuffed Bloodhound (heh heh...get
it?). Then I went to see a guy that I work with play at a
local coffee house. A few other work people went too, and
I really had a good time. I enjoyed it immensely.

Sunday I worked. Eww. It was a really long day. But then
Erin came over Sunday evening. She got the job here and is
living with me for a bit while she goes apartment hunting.
Yay So that's cool. I enjoy being with my friend. I've
realized how much we think alike. It's really cool.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Got to work and let
Liz go home (she was covering for me) and then Erin
stopped in and we went and had beer. It was fun.

I work all this week except Thanksgiving and Saturday. So
I'm having a good one. Though I am worried about Chris. I
hope CA will do him some good. Though I really do miss him
alot. More than he realizes. He thinks he knows, but he
does not. But I'm good.