2001-08-22 01:28:45 (UTC)


Tears run down my face as I type this. How is everything in
my life so fucked up?

FliPbOiZeUs: hey did u get my mail
FuNkEyLitLMoNkEy: Hi...yeah I'm reading it
FliPbOiZeUs: ohh okea
FliPbOiZeUs: tell meeh whun u done
XoHunnySweetxo: yeah
FliPbOiZeUs: okea see u dunt lyke meeh
XoHunnySweetxo: Yes I do
XoHunnySweetxo: God...
FliPbOiZeUs: sure

XoHunnySweetxo: I don't really feel like talking
to you right now
FliPbOiZeUs: see becuz u dunt lyke meeh but its all
good becuz it ish true
XoHunnySweetxo: No it's not!
FliPbOiZeUs: i dunt noe right now
XoHunnySweetxo: I'm just so fuckin' mad at you
right now cause u fuckin' lead me on and now you say you
don't like me anymore? What the hell is your problem Zeus?
FliPbOiZeUs: becuz u dunt fawqing lyke meeh i noe dat
XoHunnySweetxo: But I do
XoHunnySweetxo: You just don't want to beleive
FliPbOiZeUs: oeka den i wanna talk 2 u at da movies
XoHunnySweetxo: don't like me...just
forget it
FliPbOiZeUs: okea den so den we wont talk 2 each other
XoHunnySweetxo: bye
FliPbOiZeUs: so u ant going 2 talk 2 meeh 4 da rest of
ure life
XoHunnySweetxo: No.
FliPbOiZeUs: okea den 4 rigth now
XoHunnySweetxo: I just feel like being left alone
FliPbOiZeUs: okea den

I want everything to be perfect...But I gueSS it wiLL never