lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-11-26 04:44:15 (UTC)

old man alert

wow. we just got a big letter of stuff from my aunt...she
always sends pictures of my little nieces (who are in
fact like second cousins or something, but with the age
difference and crap, they just call me aunt lindsay).
anyway, she put in a picture of my cousin melissa and
her "serious boyfriend"...yeaaah...but i started freaking
out cuz he's bald and he looks older than my uncle. but
hot-dang, my cousin is turning 33 this year...dang that's
old. boo. but i hope she gets married to this bill guy
cuz he's pretty cute in a groovy stepdad sort of way...

just thought i'd tell you. and then i asked my dad if
mark (my ex-cousin) could hook me up with a car (cuz
he co-owns a dodge dealership with his dad) and my
dad started freaking out, saying that he's not a member
of our family and that we shouldn't be in contact with
him anymore. so i think my dad's a nazi.

but the reason this whole thing perturbs me is that my
bro and i used to play "melissa and mark"...we'd dress
up and pretend we were married and we'd go on "trips"
like the real ones did...and then the real mark cheated
on melissa and left with a sleazy lady. right on. and
now melissa is dating a bald guy. criminy. so much for
those little childhood games.

and now i might have a really old cousin. this dude
could be my dad.

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