It smells like poop over here
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2002-11-26 03:51:49 (UTC)

forget about....

the things i've said; i want to start again." good call to
the bouncing souls. "the something special", i highly
recommend it.
i've decide it for myself, im not in love with rich's
sister, im not in love with chrissy, i just think i am b/c
i choose to, b/c i want to. she's got everything i want in
a woman, that's why i tricked myself into believing im in
love with her. probably b/c i want to nail her so bad.
sure, it'd be great to go out with a woman of her caliber,
but both you and i know that could never happen. it never
will happen. she can tease me all she wants, it'll drive me
fucking nuts and i know it. but i can't betray rich for his
sister. relationships never work out anyway, so id wind up
just crawling back to my boy for his forgiveness, then id
have to see chrissy a lot too, b/c id be at her
house...well, her parents house. either way, im not in love
with chrissy, nor do i choose to be...anymore. im
still...envious (word?) of her, but that's just cause she's
so nice, has a great personality, so kind and really
fucking beautiful. sucker that i am, fell right into her
trap she doesn't even know she's setting. she traps all the
guys, and we're just that dumb. always chasing the best
looking piece of meat. fuckers. i hate me. i hate love.
fuck love. fuck it, fuck it up it's stupid ass. PEACE


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