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2001-08-22 00:59:48 (UTC)


The next morning when Melinda didn't show up at the Hospitaal
Jack started to get worried about her. he was so worried
about her that his heart rate began to increase and soon
the doctors and nurse's had to give him oxygen to calm him
down. the nurse that was taking care of him ask if their
was anything that she could do for him, Josephine I want
you to call the house. the phone rang twice and Solomon picked up
Solomon this is Josephine the at the Hospital your uncle Jack wanted
me to call to see if Melinda made it home.
No Josephine Melinda never made it home last night. is their
something your not telling me? Melinda never made it to the Hospital
this morning. Look I know Jack is worried but why don't you wait
another hour if she gets here before the hour is up I will call you.
other wise we will have to get the police involved.
So tell me did Jack ever talk to Jeremiah James last night. as a
matter of fact that is the reason Melinda left. she thought that they
should talk in private.
the last thing she told Jeremiah was to tell Jack that she would see
him in the morning. but she never came back. Look Josephine I really
do have a allot of work to do, I will call you if I hear anything
from her, because I know Jack would want to know. Please tell Jack
not to worry everything will be all right.
I will tell him what you said, bye for now. after Josephine hung up
the phone she went to see how Jack was doing. Jack was getting
stronger the doctor said that although Melinda was missing Jack knew
that he had to get better so he would be able to help find her. Jack
this this is the nurse if you can hear me squeeze my hand. Josephine
can't you just let me sleep? look Jaxl I am only doing my job. well
is part of job bothering your patients while they sleep.
no but I was told to keep an eye on you, and just who told you that?
Solomon told me when I talked to him about an hour ago. I know he is
worried about you, So I told Solomon that I would keep an eye on you
for him. So where is Melinda she should have been here by now? i wish
I knew where Melinda was but I havn't seen her since last night. I
think that the man you were talking to had something to do with her
disappearance. Why do you think that Jereamiah had something to do
with Melinsa not being here. I know you might think I am crazy. but I
got a strange feeling when I saw him. so why did you let him in my
room? because I talked to