Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-11-26 03:30:56 (UTC)

eminem is hella fine

iight i havent written in awhile. muh bad. newayz tonite i
had b ball practice. oh yea unless i didnt already mention
im on da b ball team. and so after dat we went to da middle
school red and white game. and den i got home 'round like
9. and talked on da phone a bit and now im on da computa.
last week i got O.S.S. can u believe dat i got it
for "striking a teacher", iight dey make it sound worse dan
it is. i hit her wit a rubberband iight. dang newayz if i
get O.S.S again (next time i get sent to da office) i'm
kicked off da b ball team. i gotta be a good lil gurl.
newayz. i dont really kno who i like nemore...derz dis guy
in my art class who lookz good. his name is joe i think
he'z gotta gurl which aint no problem but im not shur i
want him. i dunno. im pretty shur he likez me cuz well, im
just gonna say it...everyone does. sorry im conceided.
well, newayz...uh i like zane but not in a boyfriend way in
a way like i just like messin' 'round wit him. datz soundz
bad but well yea itz bad. but newayz i like cody
again..still. which is sad cuz i dont think he likez me.
well yea he prolly does. but i dont kno if he wantz to go
out wit me again. hmmm. i dunno. oh and dis guy named chris
cooper wantz to get wit me and i dont really kno him. he
lookz good tho. he'z like a junior tho. and i dont kno if i
wanna get wit a junior. i think i would be pressured for
sex. and well i just aint ready for dat. so yea. oh and i
finally saw 8 mile wit eminem and it whuz GRRRREAT prolly
cuz eminem lookz hella good and i dunno. wut would i do to
(well u kno) hehe...well i dont really kno wut else to say.
so i wont say nemore