Life In Munchkin Land
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2002-11-26 03:08:12 (UTC)


Hmm...Well life is rather confusing and unexplainable at
times..but I realized now that being in a confused state of
mind can be quiet useful..Anyway..Today was like every
other..boring boring boring..School was just so much
fun..haha can u tell Im lying here So um yeah I like this
guy a lot (he knows who he is) and well..hes a hottie..but
he enjoys throwing projectial french fries and lettuce at
me..Weird? I think so. But hey its all in the game..and if
he makes one more thing go down my shirt hes gonna have the
enjoyment of fishing it out..even though from his standards
its not a practical from of punishment..but hey anything for
him cuz hes just so special and I realllllly reallllly like

On a lighter side..Today was full of strange and unusual
happenings..Nothing like seeing a Janitor trying to act
guy..how origonal I can see the headlines now.."Janitor
Fired for Bad Gay Man Impression"..what can i say im
strange..Just ask Jamie..haha In art today we got an
assignment to paint a duck..You wouldnt imagine the thoughts
streaming through my head, not those of "I cant paint a
duck" but those of "OMG A DAMN DUCK" so I get a brillant
beyond brillant idea...Putting this 9th grader who resembles
a very odd looking duck on a table in his flamer shoes..yes
ppl he is flamer duckwell back to my idea..I'll put him on
the table and paint him..The assignment was to paint a
duck...a Natural duck..Well I suppose That is all for my
happy lil day in Mifflinburg...I'll c u all in the AM or PM
whenever i get enough energy to write again