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2002-11-26 02:59:53 (UTC)


well an uneventful day today...

...woke up to go to school to write an there 30
minutes late and finished it in 20 minutes...that doesn't
seem right does it? complete lack of dedication and
motivation towards anything school related is
astonishing...i can't seem to wrap my head around anything
remotely related to school...i believe it has to do with
my complete disregard for the ryerson film
sucks...i have zero knowledge of how to light a set or
work a camera...i have bullshit theory courses and the
list goes on and on...ah forget talking about this...its
not worth it...though i did talk to a professor in my
school about this and he told me to talk to our school
head...maybe i will do that cause im not the only one who
feels this way...

...anyways back to me cause that's what this is about
right...well i didn't have too many big ideas or
revelations or anything of the sort today...i guess its
just a regular day...i enjoyed my time with friends and
stressed about work and ate some food and listened to some
music...not that much to talk about really... script outline for love deluxe was actually well
received by my screenwriting teacher was
strange because i for sure thought he was going to lambast
me but he really liked the magical realism aspect of my
story...the fantastical elements...the giant butterflies,
the angels, the wind, the white cat...i personally think
that in the world we live in now a little magic and
escapism is matisse did after ww2 (or
ww1?) he retreated into his Nice hotel room and painted
pictures of paradise...i guess im doing the same thing...a
little paradise to go along with the crap that i'm
trudging in...

...okay so that's it for going to do some
work...adios and one left...