Inside My Head
2001-08-21 23:52:28 (UTC)


Today in class I heard this upperclassman guy that i
like talking about a girl to another guy. I knew the girl,
and they were talking about how smartassed, funny, and
pretty she was. It really crushed me to hear them talking
about her, and I wished they were talking about me. But
I'm usually pretty quiet in that class, so it's not like
they even know me...that sucks.
Overall, though, my day was alright. I bombed all day
in geometry (i guess i just had an off day) but it didn't
really get to me. We met for art club today. It sounds
like fun. I don't get to see most of my friends very much.
That ain't fun. MC gave us a "handbook meeting" to discuss
stuff and everybody got a few laughs out of the weird
rules. Later,