jon's babie forever
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2001-08-21 23:35:46 (UTC)

"My Friend's House"

August 1, 2001-- This evening we went to a church
called "My Friend's House" (meaning my friend Jesus) to
perform. For some reason I accidentally got stuck with the
Setup Crew and I had to go there early to help setup. But
Dennis knew about my bad knee and so I didn't have to do
anything. I got to watch. :)

Well, after a while the rest of the choir showed up and we
had dinner... well, they had dinner. The guys took me and
Katie to Jack in the Box a few hours before. Yum!

After dinner we rehearsed and then went offstage to wait
for the show to begin. Our pastor, Chris, gave us our
schedule and a few directions before we prayed. After we
prayed he gave us a few more directions he forgot, and I
realized that Jon was next to me. But I also realized that
he was kneeling on the ground. I got really worried and so
when he stood up I asked if he was okay. He told me that he
had a bad headache. I felt bad for him... the loud music
and singing as loud as possible was not going to help him
at all. I wondered if he would sit this one out but of
course he didn't. When it was time for me to go into the
dressing room to change into my dance costume I went inside
and missed a song. After that we still had extra time and I
found a window where I could see the whole choir. I spotted
Jon in the back row and my heart broke for him. It was
definitely obvious that we has not having any fun at all.
He even had trouble with the choreography. :(

However, after my two dance numbers I returned to my place
in the choir and Jon's solo came up. He came up to the
front of the stage with a great attitude and a big smile. I
was so glad he was finally rid of his headache. He was so much
more happier and did a wonderful job on his solo to the
song, "Jesus is Alright" by dc talk.