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2002-11-26 00:55:38 (UTC)


yea i'm still a lil angered hes talking to me
right niw and being soo sweet i miss him... ::sigh:: i
wish we could be together... ::sigh:: oh well i have to
get over this i have to....but i don't want to..

katie wrote kevin a letter in wican and we got
soo mad cause we couldn't figure it during lunch.. lol, i
think caity got mad at me for not sitting with
her.. ::sigh::.i hope not .. i wanted to figure out that
wiccan is that bad? .. well tomorow i only have katie inmy
lunch.. mm.. i hate this lunch.. oh well.. only half a
week yay ... ::sigh:: to bad i'm not happy. oh well i
have other things i have to be happy. i have to its a
moral imperitive.. germ