The Squizz
2002-11-26 00:37:41 (UTC)


~~~~Theres no way to express misfelt emotion.... This entry
is not going to be random musings, no lighthearted banter
with my mental atoms sparring one another. I just feel the
need to vent.. if it's not your thing, turn back.. ~~~~~

I have friends, sure I do... but I've been doing a lot of
thinking about that recently though, and have reached a
rather sad conclusion. There are many different types of
friends, the majority of whom are in it only for what they
can get out of it. Slowly, so slowly, I'm losing people..
and it scares me.
I can name a few though by their alter egos only--
Daisy... geez, where do i begin. I love her as my friend,
always will... but sometimes she's a bit unthinking. I
mean, i do understand that she's having a rough time of
college and everything, but I can't be both her and my
support teams all the time. I was listening to her problems
the other day, and having a bad day myself, yet after
listening to her she suddenly had to jet when feeling
better... leaving me thinking "yes and by the way my cousin
attempted suicide and i just found out about it yesterday,
so thanks for caring." But it's not just this time, she
only talks to me when she's having a bad day and needs
someone to vent to, never says hi when things are good...
and of course I'm not allowed to have a bad day, b/c shit,
I don't have bad days.
Bond~ Wow... lets just say, never really likes me..
but "suck me off baby, teach me the arts of erotica, but
i'll drop you when i find a woman my mother approves of
because frankly i don't have the balls to tell her i'll
date who i like"
I guess there are more, but none that i can think of at the
moment.. save for an ex boyfriend named ben, but that was
rather sloppily done anyway,,, i can wish him the best.
Until later --- Dasvidanya