An Angel's life
2001-08-21 23:21:08 (UTC)

A normal shopping day and all the other stuff I did

Dear Diary and readers,
Today was shopping day. We didn't buy clothes and
jewerly. We just bought grocery foods. I hate shopping for
grocery food. My legs get sore from all that walking and I
usually get really hungry at the end of the horrible
shopping trip. Now don't think I am just going to write
about how much I hate shopping for grocery food because that
will be boring!
Few days ago was my sister's b-day. She didn't want to
have a party, so we just went to the theaters to see one of
the movies that she was dying to see, "The Princess Diaries"
It's a cool movie. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you
On Saturday my lazy butt was on the couch all day
watching "Tough Enough." The high point of that day was when
we ordered pizza. The pizza was delicious. Maybe you should
order some right now.
Sunday.........I really don't remember, oh well. Wait
a min. I did went online and wrote the scopes for Dot's
zine. The name of the zine is The Weekly Pony. It is really
a kool zine. It has polls umm.....quizes....and....ummm and
other stuff and if you want subscribe all you have to do is
respond to me saying "I want my Weekly Pony!"
Monday, I had to take my dog to the vet. Also, "THAT'S

P.S. Check out Jon's babe forever diary because I bet you