starry nite

my own world
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2002-11-26 00:14:35 (UTC)

too much shit to do,...not enough fun stuff

i have a test tomarrow, it is in science..and its a lovely
25% of my grade. im excited..ya definatly not. ive studied
a lot though, so i deserve a good grade..which doesnt
neccesarily mean ill get it, but i can honestly say i tried
hard. tonite Shai Hulud, Atreyu and a couple other bands
are playing in a matter of fact, the show
should be starting right about now...damn i wanted to go,
but had no one to go with. actually if i had tried harder
to reach josiah, or had asked kayla or steve i may have had
someone to go with. but i didnt wanna go with steve for
kayla...and i knew i should stay home and study more for
this test so i didnt try hard to get ahold of josiah. ah
well, ill survive. tomarrow saves the day is playing in
albany. i really wanted to go to that as well, but im not.
could have emailed kayla, but also didnt about that...but,
shes not reliable at all...and i would have rather go with
someone else, though there was no one else to ask. rachel
said she would go with me but now changed her mind...for no
reason. not very happy 'bout that. well, there are bigger
problems in life...but, it still sucks. also i wasnt
absolutely dying to go to the shows, so i guess i wil
survive. man, i need to start eating healthier....i eat so
poorly, im gonna greatly regret it when im older. if i
liked healthy foods it would be easier, its not like i just
like food thats bad for me better...its i dont like much
healthy food at all. and food is good for comfort
sometimes, especially since i dont cut anymore (knock on
wood) i am craving chocolate right now, a donut
i shouldnt, id have to drive 20 min. just to get it, thats
silly. besides i hate driving in the dark, ever since i hit
that deer, driving in the dark sketches me out. well, i got
online hoping someone would be on, but no one is. so i
guess ill go now...get some more studying done.