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2001-08-21 23:00:46 (UTC)

happy bday grandma!!!

well yeasteday i went clothes shopping and i got new jeans
ect. clothes shopp8ing always pisses me off bc i alway hate
the clothes in the stores. it used to be that all the
clothes used to be so uncreative and they all look the
same. this year i was looking for something with more of
and edge to it. so as soon as i go to the store i see that
all the clothes are all punk like. - which brings me back
to my point about nonconformity- its rediculous now every
one will wear what used to be different. how the hell am i
supposed to look different. i dunno its no big deal.
so last night i slept over at maggies house(my best
friend) and then today we went to the movies with this girl
sara. we got home later than expected and i am missing my
grandmothers birthday. i feel realy bad. so i am home alone
and im bored as all hell. mabey i will go out and buy some
ice cream. lol -lastly. i havent talked to my current love
interest lately so there is no one right now :( o well
peace and love