~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
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2001-08-21 22:58:52 (UTC)


hello, well today sucks so far. its windy as helll and it
looks like its going to rain, im just hopeing we dont get
some of thoses tornado warnings again, i hate them we
always get thoses fucking things, and we have only had 3
tornados here in umm hold on5 years. mom and dad are
sleeping and bev and don wants me to spend the night over
at there house, id ont think so, i hate them. im sitting
here and im watchig the wind blow . today is the 21
and im waiting for the state fair to set up. i will haev so
much fun. one thing is for that lame ass concert so i can
piss star off, ahahahahaha im loveing this already.
well i guess i will get off dads up

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