le soleil et la lune
2001-08-21 22:47:36 (UTC)

its been a while

I guess to everyone else the diaries were just a phase, b/c
no one has updated in ages. I know that I haven't either,
but I'm doing it now.

The other night when I got done with my essay on Raney for
Clary's class, I started typing about some of the stuff I
had learned in the past year. I had gotten to thinking
about the fact that this time next year I may be seeing all
of my friends for the last time as we go off to college. I
know that we are all supposed to move on with our lives,
and people always say that they'll keep in touch, but
people get busy and they end up never talking to each
other. I know that was kinda the case when I went to
Durham last year. The only person that I received e-mail
from on a regular basis was Amanda, and its now quite
depressing to say, but I talked to David and Carl on a more
regular basis than any other people. And that was being
within the same state. What's going to happen if CJ goes
to Florida, and I go to Georgia, and Tiff goes to
Georgetown like she keeps saying she wants to, and Amanda
ends up at UNC-G like her mom plans, and KT goes to
Carolina, and Casey ends up moving where ever Steve is
stationed? Will we be able to keep up with each other and
stay close like we were throughout the past 4 years?

We had a close call getting back to school today. I hope
that CJ and Katie didn't get tardies. We had gone to
Winston to sell ads and ended up at the mall. We spent
longer than expected and then had to speed the entire way
home. I don't think that CJ went any less than 15 over the
speed limit anytime he was given time. We only had like 20
or 30 minutes to get back to South. Oh, and Kt and I have
to make a future note to ourselves to never go anywhere
with perfume or body splash with CJ. He sprayed Katie with
something that made her smell like an old woman(poor
Katie!!) and I got sprayed with about half of the fragrance
selection at Victoria's Secret.

I'm really glad that CJ has quit smoking, I thought I'd say
that since I'm currently being choked by Wyman's smoke. I
appreciate every non-smoking friend I have.