jon's babie forever
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2001-08-21 22:24:28 (UTC)

All the Small Things

July 31, 2001-- Today was another fun day. We went to the mall today.
This morning we went to get on the busses and Jon came and told us
that every bus was full. So we went to find out if any vans still had
room and found one empty one. So on our way to the mall I got to ride
with Jon again, but this time I was sitting in front of him. I was
afraid I would give it away if I sat next to him. I stayed quiet most
of the time. Jon had a bunch of stories to tell so I just listened.

Well, we all separated as soon as we got to the mall, but we were
going to have dinner with Jon at 5:30. Knowing that I couldn't wait
until dinner.

5:30 finally rolled around and we all met up at the food court and
grabbed our dinner. Terin and I couldn't figure out what we wanted so
we were the last ones to sit down, and I didn't have a chance to
claim the chair that was next to Jon. I just grabbed the closest one
to him and dropped my backpack onto the ground, later finding that I
dropped it on top of Jon's backpack. Well, when most of us were
finished eating we sat and talked. Jon threw an ice cube at Katie and
turned to me and asked, "What did you do that for?"

"I didn't do it!" I exclaimed with a smile. "I would never!"

Jon paused for a minute and then complimented me on my blue eyes
along with a big "wow"! I was so flattered. That was really nice of

So, that night we all rode home in the same van, and it was one of
the few times Jon was actually quiet! We were all wiped out. After
all... it was a three-story mall!

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