Just another life
2002-11-25 22:22:23 (UTC)

Just some more complaining

My friend said I should stop whining so much. He says that
if he got half the attention I got from "them", that he
would be twice as happy. That's good for him, but I'm
different. I would have rather them never give me any
ideas than to treat me like they do. The whole problem is
that I like them, but I don't think they like me. That's
all. I'm not depressed, just sad, and dissappointed. The
fact that I can't get them off my mind is why I may come
off as depressed. It seems like every conversation ends or
begins with them. Sigh...I wish I knew. If I wasn't such
a chump, I wouldv'e asked them what they think of be by
now, but I can't handle rejection. So...I would rather
have never known them, and would rather be tortured with
the question, than to ask and realize my worse fears are
true. That they have no feelings for me. Or worse, that
they want to be FRIENDS. Argh I hate that. And I can't
move on, because these are the only girls I want. No other
women compare, and that's my bane.

I want all women to love me. It's a curse.

"I want you to notice, When I'm not around..."-
Radiohead "creep"

I love twice as much as I am loved.

My question for God when I get to Heaven won't be
"How many stars are there in the universe?" or
"What's the meaning of life?" but
"What do women truly want?" cause
No one knows, men nor the ladies themselves.

"God gave man a brain and a penis, but not enough blood to
control both at the same time."-comedian

All men are schizophrenic(spelling). They have their mind,
and then the mind of their loins.

Men and women are different species all together. They
just come together to procreate. They think and act
completely differently.

I'm done ranting.

I love both of You, whether you know it or not.