Bridget Cole

Bridget's Universe
2001-08-21 22:22:11 (UTC)

The crap hits the fan.


Natalie called me early this morning with an exciting
offer. She is looking for a bikini model for a hospitality
suite in Chicago this coming weekend. The job would
include all travel and hotel expenses. The only problem is
that Monday is the first day of school so I will have to
come back late on Sunday night. I haven't seen mom since
last summer and I had promised to come see her before
school started back. This is an opportunity to make some
money and see mom at the same time. I am going to go out
Friday afternoon and come back on Sunday night. I called
Vicky and she agreed to cover my aerobic classes so I am
all set.

I sold some stock yesterday to replenish my savings account
and also to give me a down payment when I go car shopping.
I should get a check in a couple of days. I'm going out
tonight to look at a new Eclipse. I did a little research
on the internet today so that I will be ready to negotiate
when I go to the dealer. I figure I can get a 6 cylinder
GT model for under $22,000. If I can get $5000 on my trade
and with a decent down payment my monthly payments should
be around $350. A couple of modeling jobs a month should
cover that.

Nikki heard about the Chicago modeling job and called me
around noon. Nikki is the one who introduced me to Natalie
and the modeling agency. Nikki is really upset because she
didn't even get offered the job. She says the only
assignments that she is offered anymore are bachelor
parties and porn work. I feel bad for her, but it's not my
fault. I'm not even sure how she found out that I got the
job. The hard truth is that Nikki has let herself go over
the past few months. She has developed a flabby tummy and
her breasts are sagging. In this business there are
always younger and more attractive women coming on all the
time. The really choice jobs are only available for a
short time. Women like Nikki have nothing to fall back on
so they hang on in the business much longer than they
should. For me it is just a part time job. The money is
nice, but I could get by without it.

My brother-in-law Paul called me in the afternoon. He
thanked me again for watching the kids this weekend. He
sounded emotional. I asked him if he was OK and he said he
needed to talk to someone. I like Paul, but he and I have
never been all that close and it was awkward talking to
him like this. He asked me if I knew why Cindy was pushing
for a separation and I told him that I only knew that they
had been having problems. I didn't know any specifics.
Paul told me that he had found some email on the computer a
few months ago. He said Cindy had been spending a lot of
time on the computer and acting secretive and he had gotten
suspicious. One afternoon while Cindy was out with the
kids, he had a friend come over who knows a lot about
computers and they found the emails. I told Paul that I
couldn't get involved and no matter what was going on that
I will always stand by my sister. Paul went on with some
details before I finally stopped him. It sounds like
Cindy has gotten into some wild activities and the evidence
is pretty conclusive that she has a number of male and
female sexual friends that she has been secretly meeting.
Paul said that Cindy had originally promised to cease all
contact with these people and stay off the computer, but
she had gone back on her promise and told him she had never
loved him. Paul said that Cindy wants to pursue a
lifestyle that he is not comfortable with and it seemed
like there was no hope for the marriage. Paul told Cindy
that he is going to fight her for custody of the kids and
use her recent behavior to make a case that she is an unfit
mother. Paul said he was going to see a lawyer tomorrow
and file for temporary custody of the kids.

I have so much anxiety that I am sick to my stomach. I
wish I had some Zanax.

I went tanning and got my hair cut. I'm going to go to the
Mitsubishi dealer and look at cars and then I am going to
get drunk.