2001-08-21 21:57:16 (UTC)

gUeSS wHaT i DiD gUyS :O)

Hi Everyone! GueSS what I did today!!! I went river rafting
and it was SoOooOoOoOo SuPeR fUn!!! I was in da front and
like...I got aLL wet and stuFFerz and it was alot of work
but it was HoYa FuN lIkE wHoA! :O) I waNNa do dat
again ::SiGh:: I've gone biking, jet skiing, tubeing, and
boating, but I think rafting ish da best out of everything
I've done. Yup Yup ^_^ But I reaLLy fEEl like going to da
beach...IoNNo why Hehe. Oh and here's a tip if u be going
rafting. Wear a bathing suit, wit board shorts, and if u
want a shirt u don't mind geTTin' wet. Oh! Wear sandals
tOO...I don't tink u'd like da fEELin of wet teNNies and
socks on ur pOOr litl fEEt ;O)
N e ways...U know what guys? I think I'm say yes to that
dOOde that might ask me out. I miSS him tOOz. ^_^ I miSS da
way he'd hold me...da way he'd caLL me just to say I Love
You...da way he would always be thinkin of me...da way we
would always miSS eachother :O*) HopefuLLy he fEEls da same
way tOO. First Love? Or just puPPy Love? Buh-Bye for now.

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