lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-25 21:21:41 (UTC)

bond...james bond

die another day...die another day...yeah i've had that
madonna song in my head all day. beautiful. charming.

well yesterday was magical...haha that's my latest
obsessive word. you know you like it anyway,
yeah...sunday was cool. coco's was cool. i don't remember
what we did except it was really loud and i seduced nicole
with my whipped cream eating. wah ah ah even if she
thinks i'm evil (which i have no idea about right now...ahh
i dunno), she DID help me hunt for my spongebob fishtank at
target, so she gets a few props from me.

we can't forget the best part of yesterday...getting
busted. i was grounded last thanksgiving, too booness
luckily, i talked to my dad and explained what a good kid i
really am, and he changed my sentence. i just can't drive
till tuesday...not bad at all. not bad AT ALL.

then, i went to sing at the worship night thing and i
wanted to personally tear my own head off. really. i did
soooo badly and i didn't want to be standing up there in
front of a bunch of old people and arrrrrrrgh. i was just
in a bad mood.

then, when we were walking out, i asked my dad if we were
going straight home and he said, "i was planning on it.
what did you want to do?" and i said, "actually i wanted to
go to the movies but you already said i couldn't..." and
magically, he changed his mind.

so we saw "die another day" and it was good. and i had
fun...yyyeah. then matt brought me home and i actually
didn't get in trouble for once so it's all cool. yeah.