jon's babie forever
2001-08-21 21:51:48 (UTC)

A Complete Turnaround

Well, I think a good start to this would be what I wrote during choir

July 28, 2001-- Today is my first full day of choir tour. Yes, I'm
writing this all the way from LA! Well, there is this guy there whose
name is Jon. I used to see him as a big dork, but something changed
my mind. I am totally crazy for him, and I learned that today was his
17th birthday! He's so cute and his personality is so much like my
own! He has a wonderful sense of humor... but I'm afraid to talk to
him. My shyness gets in the way and I hate it. I couldn't even wish
him a happy b~day. I'm hoping I will tomorrow... because late is
better than never, right?

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