The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-11-25 21:07:56 (UTC)

November 25, 2002. Afternoon.

I don't think "gee, that makes me feel safe" is what I'm
going to be thinking if I see a black car with tinted
windows driving down the street with the words "Department
of Homeland Security" printed on the side. I'll bet a lot
of other Americans feel this way, too.

On Wednesday after work, I'm driving up to Pittsburgh for
Thanksgiving. I'm picking up Jessy at the bus station at
around 2 AM, staying through Thursday, and then heading
back to Louisville Friday night. It's the longest we've
been apart since we've been together, so I can't wait to
see her. Today, in fact, is our six month anniversary. I'm
happy to say that I am completely satisfied with things.

Sarah isn't going to play bass with us, making our count
four bassists in two months. Sigh I'm just going to play
bass, we decided, and for the show on the 12th, we just
won't have one. On the recording this month, Dan will play
it. That's fine. There's a good chemistry between Dan,
Becca and I, and three is company, I guess. I finally wrote
lyrics to "Parkway" last night, taking cues from the Gun
Club and "Buddha of Suburbia." Eastern Parkway and
Louisville by extension as a house, and different rooms
therein. Hurrah for metaphors It's a good song.

In our set, there are six originals, and one
cover: "Washington D.C.," "Sad
Sex," "Frenching," "Parkway," "Fadeless," an untitled
instrumental and the Smiths' "What Difference Does It
Make?" It's a good batch.