life styles of the rich and famous
2002-11-25 20:17:10 (UTC)


yea today sucked.. it was boring as hell i and i
wanted to talk to mike... ::sigh::... i saw this guy
giving this chick a hikie and i was like .. i wish that
was mike and me.. ::sigh:: and now where not even
together.. ::sigh:: ... .... i don't really know what
to write... i just got outta school hopefully mike will be
on in an hour.. last night he found my diary adress.. i'm
soo stupid.. he felt soo awful and the last thing i want
is him going back out with me cause he feels bad..i want
him to go out with me for me... ::sigh:: we rped last
night and it was really fun.. but i had to go.. tomorow i
have art class so i won't be able to talk to him online
much.....::sigh:: i'm talking to jake right now.. hes
pretty kool.. hes really nice and if he lived here.. i
might go out with him... hes realy sweet and nice and cute
lol but thats besides the point.. he doesn't talk to me
much online though.. ::sigh::....

now on a happy note.. oh wait.. theres not a
happy note in my body... ::sigh::... i took a french quize
today and got a 98.. i guess thats happy... ::sigh::... i
think i'l shut up now..

what the fuck has happened to me?? i used to be
the happiest person now i'm all fucking depressed.. its
sad.. i liked being happy but i just can't now.. to meny
bad things... i have to get happy again.. but i'm not sure
how... ::sigh::.. jake just said the sweetes thing to me
Dragonedgex: i wish you lived here
Dragonedgex: *hug*
Comicrenakai: why?
Dragonedgex: cuz..well....would you be with me if asked
if you lived here?

awww its so sweet and yea if i lived there i
would..well.....mmmm.. what to talk about now... i don't
know so i'll just stop writting and leave farwell