Kz journal
2001-08-21 21:27:11 (UTC)


Hey peepz...this my lil diary since live journal doesnt
seem to wanna work!! anyways...most of you kno about me and
blake~but im doing soooo great!! i havent been sad or
anything for days! im soo proud! me and chels
went up to football practice! hehe we talked to lonnie and
wolfie!they are sweetharts!then we went over to the soccer
field and saw the whole soccer team haha 12 people!
lol...but some of them FB players are SEXY as whoa!right
chels? too bad sexy shiban and someone else arent there
this year!!! dang!!.. hehe...for the rest of the day im
robably doing a whole lotta nothing!maybe turn in some apps!
thats all for now! lata~