Magenta Quinn

Ya really wanna know what I'm thinki
2002-11-25 18:22:16 (UTC)

Suicide?? Are you sure you're ready for this??

Why the hell do suicidal people "cry for help"?? The way
how I see it, if you're gonna do it, then do it. Don't cry
about it. Slide the razor down them wrists, tighten that
loose around your scrawny neck, or whatever the hell you're
gonnna do, just get it done. Calling somebody and
sayin "I'm gonna kill myself..boohoo boohoo, I don't wanna
live, help me", you're a fuckin puss. Grow some balls and
take the inititive to kill yourself without bothering other
people to care about you. But if you really don't wanna
kill yourself, I have a solution
MASTURBATION.........That's right kids, I give you
permission to pleasure yourselves whenever the hell you
feel like it. Boys - Peel your bananas, flog your hog, play
the hell outta that skin flute, answer that bone phone
baby. And girls - pull your taffy, dial the rotarty phone,
have a night out with the girls doing the two finger taco

I hate Avril Lavigne. She's like a pop-punk Alanis knock
off with a pinch of Fiona Apple and a dash of wanna-be
Courtney Love. Sure I know all the words to "Sk8r Boi" but
that's besides the point. She's tryin to come off as this
cool ass punk but she's not. Just a piece of crap with
clothes from Hot Topic. Nobody seems to notice that she's
so different that she's just like everybody else. I'm not
mad at her, I'm too busy feeling sorry for her. Poor
thing, so young, so fresh, so not Alanis.

Something else I hate, looking for a job. I fuckin hate
it. Even retarded people can get hired at Wal-Mart, why
the fuck can't I?? I've gotta high school diploma and all,
I've never been arrested for anything serious since I was
like 16 or 17, what more do you want, my first born?? I'll
give the little bastard to ya as soon as I have it, I
promise. I'm not pregnant but I can fix that. I went to AOL
last week and now I'm waiting for them to either call me
back or send me a postcard. A call = I've got an interview,
A postcard = I suck ass. No, no AOL will suck ass cause
they're turning down a damn good potential employee. I'm
not stupid, I don't steal, I'm a little lazy but not so much
that I'd get fired from a job for it, so they're the losers
god damnit. No more putting Toni down, Toni's awesome,
Toni's "da bomb" (lol, what the fuck??), Toni's fuckin
amazing, AOL can kiss my ass McDonald's wouldn't even
give me an application, Jack in the Box won't hire me cause
I'm not stupid, Peter Piper's won't hire me cause I wanted to
actually get paid for making crappy pizzas and nowhere else will hire
me because I actually wanna work unlike 60% of the dead-beats they've
already got "working" for them. What a fuckin world huh......

Well that's all I'll rant about today. Cio,
that was stupid. I'm gonna save some stuff for the future entries to

Bye for now,
Toni :o)

I would bang Dave Groul so hard for months. Hell years even