Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-25 18:01:07 (UTC)

long walks on the beach

greatings everyone..its been a long time once again..but i
am making an appearance. i just dont get a chance to be on
a computer that often that i can write. anyway..i read
through our little diary thing every so often and i am
begining to realize that it can get pretty depressing. i
dont want any of you guys who do actually read this to
think this is the cures diary..or make you want to kill
yourself. pacifico is about having a good time and not
taking life too seriously..i know everything seems to go
south on you at times..but thats life makes the
good times good. take a step back and look at the whole
picture. it would take a world of tragedy to cancel out
all the unbelievable stuff thats happened for us. my main
point here is not to get too stressed about stuff. i know
some people tend to dwell on the negative things.. but
when you get down throw on your pacifico cd and turn it
up. pretend we are playing with our shirts off. if that
doesnt cheer you up then maybe you do need counseling or
something. i mean its almost christmas. that is always
fun. i love going to the mall with millions of people
wearing red and green and stressing out.. youre allowed to
stress a little at you cant afford to be
stressed out already. just take a minute to think about
your whole situation in life and not just the bad thing
that happened to you today. looking to move into a house or apt in the city.
thats going to be great..and a bit expensive, but if i can
live close to the place i want to work..i can make alot of
$$ and it will work.